Common Core App


photo credit: Ms. Poppy

This weeks blog post is on the Common Core Standards app, as requested. The app is compatible on either Android  or Apple products.  To download the app for Android products go to:

To download the app for Apple products go to:

This is a quick accessible way to access
information on the common core from your phone, tablet, or other devices.  If you look back to the blog post about the Common Core Standards, you can do the same things you can do through the website through this application.  I think it is a really great resource if you want to look something
up quickly.  A really great thing about this tool is that you can download it for FREE.  This app is a great reference so you can easily understand the core standards.  You can find the standards by subject, grade, and subject
category (domain/cluster), just like you can on the website.  The app not only includes Math standards, but also Language Arts standards for grades K-12 so if you wish to use it for other children or other subjects you may do so.  I hope this app is as helpful for you as it is for me!


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