BrainPOP is a group of educational websites with animated videos as well as quizzes, games, and other materials.  Although it is used for science, social studies, mathematics, English, technology, health, arts, engineering, and music, this blog will focus on the math portion of the website.  To learn more about BrainPOP visit:

BrainPOP follows the common core standards as stated on their website.  They say “BrainPOP is committed to developing quality resources and providing top-notch guidance to help you and your students meet the demands of the Common Core State Standards” on their website.  To read more about BrainPOP and the Common Core visit:

Unfortunately, to access BrainPOP you need to login.  Luckily, the school I worked with previously had a school login so I was able to access BrainPOP through their login.  When I have a login for students and families I will be sure to post one so you can reap the benefits.

To view an example visit:

To browse more examples visit:

Below the videos you can access activities, FYI, games, and other links related to the video.  Not all of these links are accessible without logging into an account, but some are; so look around at what you can view until I can get you better access.


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